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The FMCSA allows you to include anything related to the vehicle, but not personal items. Carriers are not insured for luggage/household items.


Please have your vehicle accessible, so our driver can get it onto the truck as quickly as possible. Remove any toll tags or parking passes to avoid any possible charges. Notify us of any modifications done to the vehicle (roof rack or lowered for example).


Typically, no. We pick up and drop off at your door, at the exact address you specify to maximize your convenience. However, if you’re in a gated community, or in a location that would be hard for an 80’ transport truck to access, we may need to make alternative provisions such as having you meet the driver at a local shopping center or on a main street where the transport truck can safely park and unload.


No, all vehicles are fully insured from pickup to drop-off by the Carrier’s cargo insurance, with a ZERO DEDUCTIBLE for you as the vehicle owner.


The driver who is responsible for getting your vehicle safely picked up and dropped off will perform the Inspection Report. You will be asked to sign this inspection report: be sure you agree with it before you sign it. We also encourage you to take a short video or snap photos before your car is loaded. While it’s extremely rare to have an issue, you’ll feel better knowing you have the evidence.